It’s not a brush, it’s Envirosoft® Foam

Here is the story:

We are all concerned about our environment and in an effort to reduce our impact and give you the best wash in town we have invested in new state of the art car wash technology. 

Envirosoft Foam is not a brush but a safe gentle material that produces an incredible flexible cleaning action.  Unlike any other method used to clean vehicle surfaces, Envirosoft Foam is a feather light material that is impervious to dirt.  Its cellular structure prohibits small dirt or sand particles from embedding into the material.  All dirt and road film will be removed from the vehicle and hazing or marking of a vehicles finish is a thing of the past.  We guarantee this system is the safest wash equipment for your vehicle.

You will notice that your vehicle will look cleaner, drier and shine better than ever before.  We are proud to be the first wash of this kind in the St. Louis area.  Thank you for your patronage.

The Speedy Car Wash Family